We Hire, Train, and Place Your Content Writer

– You want experts

– We train them to write for your business

– New hires or existing staff. Choose your option


Find the best way to create great content for your specific business.

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Why Us?

We don’t try to sell you a marketing package.
We listen, listen again, and listen again.
Then we ask you to tell us what type of solution works for you.

Train your staff to write great content

If you want to become an online writer or you want one of your staff to learn how to write great content for your business, you’re in the right place.

Scale your content : quality and consistency

We can start to get your content machine running in days, not weeks or months. Use our systems to create a quality production schedule to help your business build awareness and sales 365 days a year and an ongoing asset for your business.

Keep it simple

In your organisation, you need to do it your way. We know that so we work with you:

1 . Hire an expert and train them to write for you

We hire experts in various niches and then train those experts to be amazing creators of articles for your website. These people know your niche and we have over 10 years of experience in turning experts into great writers for the internet.

2. Train my existing staff

Why hire an expert if you already have one? We can train your existing team member to run your blog. If you have someone on the team that fits the bill, this can be a great in-house solution.

3. Consulting or Content Packages

You might just want some direction on how to do it, or you might just want us to do it. We’re ready for whichever option suits your business.